Saturday, March 20, 2010

bathroom remodel

Here's the bathroom all gutted. We have changed our minds on a couple things as we he have been taking things out. Overall our plans are still the same. My hubby has been in the basement installing the new hot water heater.It's gone pretty well. We also put in a sub panel in the basement last weekend. Moved the chest freezer out of my laundry room and down to the basement which freed up some more space upstairs. We had easy access to for wiring once we finished ripping out the sheet rock in the bathroom. We decided to remove the wall that leads from the bathroom to the bedroom. Not a load bearing wall and we found more water damage at the floor when we riped out the sheet rock. All and all it's going pretty well.
The board on the saw horses is yet another project I am working on. I sanded and finished it. It should be dry by this evening. It's going to be the new work surface in my sewing /crafting area. I'll post pics of that later.

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