Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Chicks

Four more baby chicks just in time for Easter. We have six hens already but decide to get a few more. We have five buff orpingtons and one rhode island red. So we decided to go with two more of the reds as they are consistant producers and tow bared rocks just to have some variety. They are soooo cute. Kinda like kittens and puppys where you wish they could just stay this size for ever.

Bathroom remodel

Here's some pics of what we have done in the basement so far. My hubby installed an electrical box and an out let. Ya my freezer is down in the basement and not in my washroom. Unfortunately I have already filled the empty space! New hot water heater. The old one was in our bedroom closet and had started leaking out the bottom. We wanted it in the basement and just hadn't gotten around to moving but at this point we had no choice. This leaves us with yet another project though. The old hot water heater has to be removed and then we will have to start tearing the closet apart to fix the water damage.
We decided to remove the wall between the hallway that will lead into the bathroom and our bedroom. We plan to use this space as an office area and felt it would feel more open with the wall gone.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter dress

Here's my daughter's Easter dress. The true miracle here is that Easter is 3 days away and here dress is done. I think this is the first holiday dress I have completed preholiday. I'm usually late to the days events because I'm putting in a zipper, sewing on buttons, or have been up since the crack of done sewing the whole thing! So this is a big deal for me. I hope I can continue getting things done ahead of time. It makes for a lot less stress.
This is the pattern I used. I love these patterns. They are so simple. I made this dress from start to finish in one afternoon. I had it done and diner on the table at 5:30pm. You can't beat that. I did make some modifications. Well one was a mistake but it turned out fine. The pattern tells you to measure down 18" and over 3" to make the bottom of the dress but I only measured over 2". It looks fine to me though. I also decided the waist was a little to high for the look I was going for. I placed the waist 2.5" from the armpit. Still thinking about making a fabric flower to go at the waist hmm or the neck line. I haven't decided yet.