Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So here comes the part I have a hard time with. The final decisions! But I think I'm almost there. I'm going to go with a natural colored linen for these adorable pants. I'm using the Katri linen pants out of Ottobre design Spring '09 magazine. I thought about other colors but I decided on the neutral bottoms because it goes with everything.

I'm going to make this cute little shirt and if there is enough fabric left I may make the bag to match. I'd give you the title of the book but it's in Japanese so I have no idea what any of it says. This shirt is suppose to tie in the back but I am thinking about sewing up the back seam most of the way and then placing a button on top. I have visions of chacing my daughter around all day tying her shirt.

I still have a stack of patterns and fabric so I'll be posting more projects in the days to come. I'm glad I started blogging because it is really motivating me to finish my projects(in a timely manner). I feel obligated to do so even if no one comes to my blog.

This is the skirt and Capri's I have completed for my daughter's birthday along with the fruit from the previous post.

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